pregnancy test

One of the services we offer is a free pregnancy test. Our tests here are a self-administered urine test that gives an indication of whether or not you are pregnant

Peer Options counseling

Options counseling is available to all clients. You may be facing an unplanned pregnancy. We can provide information to you, upon request, regarding carrying to term and parenting, carrying to term and making an adoption plan, and abortion procedures and the after effects of abortion.

Our trained, peer counselors are ready to meet you with listening ears and open hearts. Whatever your decision as you go forward in your situation, we are here to care and help, not judge.

Since all of our services are free of charge to all who come through our doors, we do not profit financially by any decision made by our clients.

Our center does not perform or refer for abortion, but we can discuss abortion procedures, cost, effects and other related questions you may have.


We offer free limited ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy

Our experienced nurse sonographer can provide you with a free ultrasound to confirm a pregnancy. The results of your ultrasound can be used as proof of pregnancy. Ultrasounds are available between 6 & 12 weeks from your last menstrual period. A positive pregnancy result from the test at our center is required for an ultrasound to be done.

parenting program


We offer a curriculum of pregnancy, parenting, baby care and practical fatherhood classes. You will be enrolled in a class with others who are pregnant or parenting. A trained instructor will lead you through videos and discussions. For every class that you attend, you earn diaper and wipes vouchers. A monthly shopping time in our baby boutique is also awarded to those who participate. Our clients love taking part in these classes!


care and support

All women and men are welcome!

If you have had an abortion, or been in a relationship with someone who has had an abortion, you are not alone.  We understand the feelings of pain, guilt and isolation that you may be experiencing. We offer confidential support on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting.

Our ladies program is called Hearts of Hope.

We have a unique men's program called Men of Courage.

We also offer support for couples.

Please call to speak with someone who has been there and gets it.

Sexual Integrity

Sexual Integrity and Relationship Support

You can start over again!

Another service we provide is counseling and support for those who want to make sexual integrity a lifestyle decision. Maybe you have had sex and now want to wait until you are married before having it again. We can offer you some support on ways to do that

Please email for more information.