Men, you play a vital role in the unplanned pregnancy journey. We are here to provide support for you, too. You should be active and involved through the journey and the decision-making process and we can help you navigate how to support your partner through the process.

What You Should Do

Listen to Your Partner

Not only is she likely scared and confused, but pregnancy causes fluctuation in hormones. These hormone changes can make her mood swing. It is important to listen to her and her concerns about the pregnancy. She is processing her emotions, and all you can do is support her.

Voice Your Thoughts

You are a part of the decision-making process too. While you should support and listen to your partner, it does not serve anyone to keep your thoughts to yourself. When appropriate, share your feelings with your partner and give them the opportunity to discuss how you two will move forward together as a couple.

Be Active and Present

Now is the time to step up and offer serious support. Educate yourself about the options, attend our classes for expectant parents, hold her hand through her pregnancy appointments. You are an active member of this pregnancy, and you should play an equal role.

What You Shouldn’t Do

Shy Away

Now is not the time to run away from a challenge. She does not get to step away from the situation simply, and you should not leave her high and dry. Do not shy away from the situation. Be active, present, and supportive.

Force Her Into a Choice

While you should share your opinion, you should not overpower her voice. Forcing her into a decision that she is not comfortable with can result in serious damage to her and your relationship. Remember, you are a team.

To learn more about how we can support you as a man facing an unplanned pregnancy, reach out to the Open Door today!

You will never have this day again, so make it count.