There can be a lot of stigma around adoption, but we are here to help break that down and educate you about what adoption might look like for you.

What is adoption?

There have been a lot of changed to adoption in the last 10 years. That means the attention is now focused on supporting and empowering the expectant mother.  That means that you have the power to choose the right family: deciding what environment, religion and race is best for your child, as well as what your involvement will be. This new focus also makes sure that you receive the emotional and physical support you deserve. With the help of an adoption agency you can craft the adoption plan that best suits you and your child.

Type of Adoption

Adoption can be completely personalized to your desires and the boundaries you would like to set.

Open Adoption

Open adoption allows for communication between you and the adoptive family before and after the adoption is final. You will share contact info with the adoptive family and will be able to have communication with them and the child. Depending on your arrangement, you may be able to have visitation, regular phone or video calls, or emails.

Semi-Open Adoption

Semi-open adoptions allow for limited communication between you and the adoptive family. This is usually mediated through your adoption agent. Your name and contact information are not shared. After the adoption is final, the adoptive parents can share updates about the child by sending them to your adoption agent and the adoption agent, sending them to you.

Closed Adoption

Closed adoption allows for no communication between you and the adoptive family. Names and contact information is not shared, and there is no communication once the adoption is final. This option is best for those who need that separation to move forward from this chapter of their lives.

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