No matter if you were planning on becoming pregnant at this point in your life or not, a miscarriage can have a significant effect on your emotional and mental well-being. You are not alone. At the Open Door, we offer miscarriage support to women who need help processing and recovering from their miscarriage.

It is Not Your Fault

We still do not know exactly what causes miscarriage, but it is important to recognize that it is not your fault. Miscarriage is much more common than many are lead to believe, and there are many reasons why one might miscarry. In many cases, it is not something you could have controlled. The first step is to forgive yourself and reassure yourself that it is not your fault.

Can I Still Have Children?

Having a miscarriage does not mean you are not capable of having a child. Many women with children have had at least one miscarriage in their lives. It is possible to have healthy and successful pregnancies before and after having a miscarriage.

It is Okay to Grieve

Even if you were not planning on getting pregnant, it is still perfectly normal to grieve a loss after a miscarriage. Although you had not met them yet, you had considered the prospect of welcoming a new child.

We are here to help you process through your feelings and rebuild your new normal.

Reach Out to the Open Door for Support!

You do not need to heal alone. We are here to support you and offer someone to talk to about your experience. Reach out to the Open Door today to get connected with miscarriage support.

You will never have this day again, so make it count.