My Partner Is Pressuring Me To Have an Abortion but I’m Not Sure

When it comes to such a major, life-altering decision as a pregnancy decision, you should never feel pressured by those around you. If your partner is pressuring you to have an abortion, but you’re not sure, talk in a safe place today. We can help.

In this blog, we want to remind you of a couple of things regarding your pregnancy decision and how to receive the support and services you need.

You Have the Final Say

Ultimately, you have the final say in your pregnancy decision. Though your partner may weigh in, you make the final call. You have three pregnancy options: abortion, adoption, and parenting. 

With emotions high right now, give yourself the time and space to educate yourself about all options. Be sure to go about pregnancy confirmation with pregnancy testing and an ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy is healthy and progressing and confirm your options.

Do You Feel Safe?

Most importantly, if your partner is pressuring you into an abortion and you feel unsafe, contact the domestic abuse hotline for immediate assistance.

Maybe your partner is not violent, but you need some clarity; here are a few suggestions to take off the pressure coming from your partner:

  • Create clear boundaries and remind your partner that you have the final say in this pregnancy decision.
  • Be educated about ALL your pregnancy options.
  • Speak with a friend, mentor, or family member in a non-pressuring environment to get clarity. 

Explore Your Options

Explore your options in a safe environment today, and feel free to talk about all your options without pressure from your partner. At The Open Door Pregnancy Center, we offer free and confidential pregnancy services and resources so you can feel equipped to make an educated decision.

Schedule a free and confidential appointment to get the answers you need to move forward. You are stronger than you know.

The Open Door Pregnancy Center believes you have a right to accurate information from a resource that will not profit from your pregnancy decision. We are an alternative resource that does not perform or refer for abortion. The information on this website is for educational purposes only.

You will never have this day again, so make it count.