What Are the Mental Health Effects of Abortion?

When researching available abortion procedures, it is common for a woman to consider the physical health risks of termination. It is less likely, though, that a woman will consider the mental health effects of the procedure. With abrupt hormone changes caused by pregnancy and abortion, mental health effects are common and should be weighed when deciding your pregnancy’s outcome.

Mental Health Risks of Abortion

Research shows that while not every woman will experience mental health struggles after obtaining an abortion, other women will. Women may struggle with the following mental health disorders post-abortion:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Substance use disorder
  • Suicidal thoughts or actions

Some women struggle with their mental health immediately following an abortion, but sometimes feelings of shame, guilt, anger, loss, and grief resurface after months or years. Left unaddressed, these feelings can grow and become overwhelming.

Who Is at Risk?

It is impossible to predict whether a woman will have mental health struggles after an abortion. However, some women may be more prone to have these post-abortion struggles. There is an increased risk of mental health struggles in women who:

  • Feel pressured to terminate their pregnancy (either because they feel like it is their only option or from external pressure from their partner, friends, or family)
  • Have the desire to become a mother in the future
  • Have social, religious, or political values that don’t align with choosing abortion
  • Have a history of mental disorders like anxiety or depression

Are You Struggling?

If you are struggling with your mental health following an abortion, we want to help. The Open Door offers post-abortion support

Contact us today to speak to a counselor who has been in your position. You deserve to find connection and healing. You don’t have to experience this alone.

If you are still deciding the outcome of your pregnancy, reach out to The Open Door Pregnancy Center for more information about your options. We offer the support and support services you need to make a confident, informed decision.

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